Maybe you need orthotics · 20. February 2019
Sometimes feet can be a real pain. You have only one pair of feet and they take you everywhere. So, its a good idea to take acer of them. but, most people don'ts give their feet a second thought...that is, not until they hurt. And once those feet are hurting, most have no idea of how to eliminate the pain. They often soak their aching feet or take time out for a quick foot rub, but outside of those remedies, their feet just go on hurting. That can lead to serious trouble. Most foot pain is the...
Diabetes · 23. January 2019
Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that is growing in Canada and can have serious repercussions on your feet as well as your overall health. Here is what Pedorthists can do to help and what custom made orthotics provide for this condition.
01. May 2018
Don't compromise pain for style. Our custom made orthotics can be made to fit sandals.

31. December 2016
Do your feet, ankles, knees crack when you first get out of bed? Don't panic, its only your joints preparing for the day ahead. As you move during the day, bubbles form in the fluid that lubricates your joints. When they collapse, you hear them pop. It's a harmless phenomenon- and it might even help your joints glide as you move. However if your joints crack overtime you move it, it could be a tendon snapping against bone as a result of an injury or a muscle imbalance. If every pop is painful,...
27. December 2016
Superfeet insoles are essentially a different form of over the counter insoles (similar to Dr.Scholls) that come in different sizes that are suppose to provide shock absorption and support your arch while you skate. Sometimes they are even said to be custom to your specific foot. One important thing to remember is there is a small probability that those "custom superfeet insoles" are actually right for you. The foot is very complex structure and no two feet are the same. One is often different...