With the increase in claims for custom made orthotics, many insurance companies have firmed their stance what they cover for custom made orthotics in an attempt to eliminate some orthotic providers who don’t have any qualification and training in orthotic manufacturing. In order to get covered for the cost of custom made orthotics from your
insurance companies require the following:

  • A written prescription from a Physician (MD), Podiatrist (DPM), Chiropodist (D.Ch)
  • Receipt indicating payment in full as well as amount and the 2 different dates of service. 1st date consisting of the consultation, assessment, and casting. And the 2nd date when the orthotics are picked up and fitted to the shoes.
  • A detailed biomechanical analysis with any findings and measurements taken.
  • A detailed lab invoice issued by the provider with a list of all the raw materials  used as well as credentials of the provider and license number. Insurance require custom made orthotics are made from a 3 dimensional image or cast of the foot.


Canadian Certified Pedorthists C Ped (C) are among the eligible providers of custom made orthotics in Canada. We provide you with the necessary paper work listed above to send to you insurance company.   


Social Assistance Patients: Please inform us if you are with Veterans Affairs, Indian Affairs, WSIB, ODSP, Social Services as we will require pre-approval and will bill them directly.


Special Notice: For those of you who have orthotic coverage from Green Shield (General Motors), please be advised that our clinic is not on that particular plans preferred provider list and therefore will not accept claims for orthotics made by our clinic. The reason for this is because when we were contacted by Green Shield(GM), and in order to be on their preferred provider list, we had to charge a significantly lower price for our orthotics just for that particular plan. In order to maintain fairness for our other patients who have different coverage we declined these conditions. This particular coverage is only for a select group within GM. There are other coverage plans that have our clinic on their preferred provider list. Please inquire into which plan you are under.