The Caravaggio Orthotic Clinic is the oldest and most experienced orthotic therapy clinic in the Kawarthas. Since 1970, we have provided orthotic foot care in this area to thousands of patients both locally and throughout world.  


We specialize primarily in custom-made orthotics that can be worn in many types of footwear to alleviate many foot and lower leg conditions. 


Our facility is equipped with modern computer video gait analysis software in which to accurately measure how much distortion there is in the foot and lower limb while a patient is in motion. 


We use a plaster casting technique to get an accurate 3 dimensional cast of YOUR foot in its neutral position and the body is in its perfect alignment. All of our custom orthotics are manufactured in our onsite laboratory with the most up to date methods and materials.


We offer many different kinds orthotics for a variety of purposes and activities with everything normal everyday wear to sport & athletic orthotics and specially thin orthotics that can be wore in men’s and women dress shoes. 


Our custom made orthotics can fit to be worn in any shoe, boot, skate, cleat, dress shoe and sandal where the insole can be removed.


A special note to our patients is that despite increase in costs for our materials over the years, our clinic has managed to keep the price of our services the same as they have been for 8 YEARS!!


Caravaggio Orthotic Clinic is owned and operated by Nick Sebastian Caravaggio who is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. He has taken over from his late father Nick Caravaggio Sr. who was one of the founding members of orthotic therapy in Canada. Nick Jr. is carrying on the legacy of the clinic into the next generation while staying true to methodology that has made this clinic stand the test of time for over 50 years.