During your first visit, we conduct a thorough patient history followed by a number of functional tests including quantifying any forefoot deformities. We then observe the plantar foot pressures by getting you to step on what is called a plantar scope. Next a biomechanical assessment is done including a video gait analysis where we observe you walk on a treadmill and through a computerized system we measure precisely how much distortion there is in the foot and lower limb while you are in motion. If you are a runner, we can also perform the same procedure while you’re running on a treadmill. Following the Video Gait analysis, we review the results with you and decide on a treatment plan.



If orthotics are prescribed, we then take a cast of your foot. In order to get a reproduction of your feet to make the custom made orthotics a plaster of paris cast is done by taking a cast of each foot while keeping the foot in its locked or “neutral position” where the entire body is in perfect alignment. This whole process is done while the patient is seated upwards “supine” position so that they have a better view of what is going on and can be more relaxed and better, more accurate cast can be taken.



Once we have your cast, we then take it to our onsite lab where we manufacture the custom made orthotics. The casts from the feet are first corrected by our technicians and then the orthotic shell materials are then heat molded to the corrected casts. Heel postings and appropriate top covers and additions are added to meet the patient’s requirements for their specific conditions.



 When the custom made orthotics are completed, an appointment is made to come into the clinic to pick them up and get them professional fitted to any shoes where the insole can be removed including skates, ski boots, cleats etc. We check the fit of the orthotics to the foot and the shoe, and educate the patient on what to expect from the orthotics in the coming weeks as it can take some time to adjust to the orthotics.



If there is anything wrong the orthotics or there is still some discomfort, we will happily bring you back for a follow up appointment to make any adjustments to the orthotic that may be necessary.