What is a Pedorthist?

Pedorthists are trained specialists who assess, design, manufacture, fit and modify foot appliances and footwear for the purposes of alleviating painful or debilitation conditions.


What is a foot orthotic?

A foot orthotic is a medical device that fits discreetly in your shoe to support, align, and accommodate your foot and help treat and PREVENT many lower limb problems. Similar to eyeglasses and contact lenses that help improve vision, orthotics help support and focus the foots function to reduce and eliminate a variety of problems including:

Plantar Fasciitis  Knee pain  Metatarsalgia  Shin Splints
Lower Back Pain  Arch Pain  Heel pain.


C Ped (C) – Are orthotic and orthopaedic footwear experts. They are one of the few health care professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. With specialized education and training in foot orthotics and footwear, Canadian Certified Pedorthists help alleviate pain, abnormalities and debilitating conditions of the lower limbs and feet.

Along with evaluating and analyzing your feet, Certified Pedorthists of Canada undergo extensive training to understand the unique aspect of each individuals feet.


How can orthotics help me?

Custom foot orthotics help address what is causing the problems in the foot & lower limb. When the foot pronates (rolls inward) it not only disrupts your alignment, it also puts a great deal of strain on certain areas of the feet & legs which could lead to a number of problems. Custom made orthotics work to manipulate your foot so that it is properly aligned in relation to the lower limb, and thereby restoring the foot back to its normal function.
Will my insurance or health plans cover the cost?

Yes, most insurance companies cover the cost of orthotics for certain amounts depending on the insurance provider and the type of plan that you are on. Make sure you contact your insurance provider prior to making an appointment to determine exactly how much you will be covered for.


Do I need a prescription?
Yes, you do need a prescription from either your family doctor or a Podiatrist or Chiropodist in order for us to dispense your orthotics. However, you can still book an appointment before you get a prescription. Also, Insurance companies require a prescription predating the payment & invoice date in order to receive coverage.


What if I don't have a doctor and need a prescription ?

If you don't have a doctor and are in need of a prescription for your benefits there is a company called Lyte Medical that we work with. They are board certified doctors who offer telephone & virtual consultations with you and provide you with a prescription that will be faxed directly to our clinic. As long as you have a valid Ontario Health (OHIP) Card there service is free. 


How long are they appointments?

Your first visit which includes the assessment, gait analysis and casting takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Your second appointment where you come to pick up the finished custom made orthotics lasts roughly 15 minutes.


What kinds of Orthotics are there?
We offer a wide variety of orthotics designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Our orthotics come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths for certain lifestyles, activities, and sports. During the assessment and evaluation, the Pedorthist will discuss with the you to determine the most suitable kind of orthotic that is needed.


Do I have to wear special shoes with my orthotics?
No you do not. Our custom made orthotics are specifically designed your feet and can be worn with any shoe, sandal, skate or boot that has a removable insole. However it is important that custom made orthotics are worn with the appropriate shoes in order to receive the full effect.

Do I have to wear them all the time?
As much as possible. Your custom made orthotics will properly correct your alignment while your on your feet preventing your foot problems from returning. If you don’t where them, your foot will collapse and your old problems will soon return.

How long do orthotics last?
That depends entirely on the individual and their lifestyle. Generally orthotics maintain their integrity for a least 2 years. Children however, because of the rapid growth that is occurring, last at least a year.


Can I get my orthotics fixed or repaired?

Yes, absolutely. All you have to do is leave them with us for a period of time and depending on our lab schedule we can return them to you repaired between 1 to 2 business days.

What I live out of town? Do I have to make two trips?

We only have to physically see you for the first appointment for the assessment and casting. Once the orthotics are ready we can fit them to a copy of the insoles of your shoes and express post them where ever you are.


Do Children need orthotics?
Children’s feet can susceptible to a variety of abnormal forces because the bones are not yet formed. If there is a dysfunction in the way they work at this stage it can, left untreated, lay the foundation for a lifetime of conditions.


When children complain of pain in the feet of legs which lasts over a few months or frequently returns, it should always be checked, it may be nothing more than an over use or minor injury, however it sometimes is a symptom of a deeper problem.


Can I get a second pair made after I’ve already purchased your orthotics?

Yes you can, we either take the existing cast of your foot (if you’ve instructed us to store your cast) or if you didn’t, we simply take a cast from the orthotics you’re currently wearing.