For the everyday individual who works and is on their feet a lot during the day, custom made orthotics can beneficial in relieving and preventing a number of foot and lower limb problems that can occur with excessive over use. Our custom made orthotics are made from an exact replica of your foot taken in it’s most natural (neutral position). Depending on your work or leisure activity we can design and manufacture a pair of custom made orthotics that can fit into any work boot or shoe that you wear.



For athletes, constantly improving their function and form is important optimal performance. In cases where an athlete or highly active individual has an abnormal walking or “gait” pattern, orthotics may provide assistance.


Our custom made foot orthotics are constructed specially for the individual’s foot. The orthotic will be created to precisely fit the foot- from heel to toe- to help redistribute pressures and forces acting on the entire foot. Athletes use foot orthotics to help improve performance, sensory feedback, muscle function, and reduce shearing forces against the foot that may cause blisters. Orthotics also helps with joint alignment, and potentially reduces stress to ligaments, tendons and muscles of the foot and lower legs. This may help to reduce injuries such as ankle sprains and knee pain.


Foot orthotics are custom made with materials specific to the athlete’s needs. In high impact activity, such as running, step aerobics and basketball, materials chosen must properly distribute impact forces and allow control for excessive or abnormal motions of the foot, while allowing for normal foot movement.



For the business oriented clients we offer custom made orthotic devices from men’s and women’s dress shoes. For Women who wear high-heeled shoes or any tight fitting shoe with a heel, most other orthotic devices won’t be able to fit comfortably. However we have especially thin material with the same strength to fit comfortably in most ladies dress shoes.



We have specialized material for young children different from any others that is designed specifically for their problem, and are durable enough to put in any shoe they wear.



Our custom made orthotics can be made extra thin while still providing the same support as our other materials. Since skates have a very narrow space in the boot, our orthotics can be fitted to any skate that you use.


In ice skating, the factors that become crucial to peak performance are: type of blade, proper placement of equipment, and optimum foot function. Due to the critical effect of foot function on skating performance, and the balancing and acrobatics involved, minor problems and imbalances of the foot have a major effect on skating performance. Too correct these adverse effects on your feet, you can benefit from our custom made prescription orthotics to give your feet correct positioning.


 If you are happy with your current pair and would like another pair for other shoes or activities we can you make a second pair of orthotics in either two ways:
         1. From your original plaster cast mold of your foot
         2. If we don't have the original plaster cast mold, we take a cast of your current orthotic.

Once we have either of those options we manufacture your orthotics with the same process as before and they will be completed within 2-3 weeks.



If your condition is very painful, we will often tape your foot or knee using a variety of taping methods to simulate the effect of the orthotics while they are being manufactured in our on-site lab.



Custom Made orthotics like any device will breakdown over the course of time. Depending on the individual and activity level, some orthotics start to lose their efficiency between 2 to up 6 years. Most times the top cover begins to crack or break apart which can affect the rest of the orthotic. With our on-site lab, we can repair your orthotics and have them back to you in a very timely manner.



At our clinic, we can also modify your shoes to help work with the orthotics for better treatment of a condition.