Superfeet insoles vs Custom Orthotics

Superfeet insoles are essentially a different form of over the counter insoles (similar to Dr.Scholls) that come in different sizes that are suppose to provide shock absorption and support your arch while you skate. Sometimes they are even said to be custom to your specific foot. One important thing to remember is there is a small probability that those "custom superfeet insoles" are actually right for you. The foot is very complex structure and no two feet are the same. One is often different from the other and requires different support in certain areas that provide the support you need. The feet need more than a small, medium, large size measurement to meet the standards that your feet require. For a more precise accuracy, the feet must be measured in different ways such as... arch height, ligament laxity, rang of motion of subtalar, midtarsal, ankle joints, forefoot and rear foot measurements, leg length measurement, amount of pronation or supination, as well as video gait analysis to assess what the feet and lower limb are doing when in motion which often provide a different picture than when remaining static. It is virtually impossible for over the counter insoles such as superfeet to take all those factors into a count. If you want a better support, improved skating performance and better edging then getting custom made skate orthotics fitted for you skates is the superior option. 





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