Orthotics for Sandals

Spring is finally here! However you shouldn't have to sacrifice painful feet for style anymore. Our orthotics can be made to fit any sandals where the insoles can be removed. The most notable brands of sandals that have a removable insole are Finn Comfort and NAOT. Your orthotics can even be covered with either one of our top covers or the cover from the original sandal insole so that you won't be able to tell the orthotic is in the sandal.


One of the most creative challenges came last year when we managed to make a custom orthotic and incorporate it into a sandal that did not have a removable insole. Instead of using the usual polypropylene orthotic shell material, we used an EVA material similar to the material used in sandals and running shoes to mold the orthotic from the cast of the patient. To add an extra piece of discretion, we drew on the logo of the sandal "Romika" on top of the cover to make it look original insole so it would blend into to the rest of the sandal. 

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